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Dandy Fever

Dandy Fever Causes

The main cause of the disease is by the mosquitoes that carry the virus. It can be transmitted via mosquito bites which thrive on stagnant water.

Dandy Fever Definition

Dandy fever is another name for dengue fever. It is a contagious epidemic disease caused by mosquito bites of two species under the genus Aedes.

Dandy Fever Diagnosis

Dandy fever can be diagnosed via community indexing during an outbreak as well as by physical examination.

Dandy Fever Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms for dandy fever include high fever, blood clots, flu-like symptoms and weakness. This condition, when not treated, can be fatal.

Dandy Fever Treatment

The best way to treat the disease is by fumigation and practice of proper sanitation procedures. Antibiotics are used to treat patients with the disease.

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