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Dementia Senilis

Dementia Senilis Causes

The disease is caused by aging. Memory glands begin to fail to function properly, such that patients begin to lose their coordination with the present.

Dementia Senilis Definition

Dementia senilis, or senile dementia, is a mental illness common among the elderly. It is characterized by loss of attention span and short-term memory. It is considered an effect of Alzheimer's disease.

Dementia Senilis Diagnosis

The illness can be diagnosed by the symptoms shown by the patient.

Dementia Senilis Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of senile dementia are memory loss, degenerative attention span, irritability, and poor orientation of space and time. Patients with the illness often reminisce of their youthful days and ask about their peers whom they shared fun memories with.

Dementia Senilis Treatment

No standard cure is available for the illness. Patients meanwhile are in need of constant support from their family members.

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