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Dermatitis Statis

Dermatitis Statis Causes

Statis dermatitis is a condition characterized as to once the blood starts to congregate in a human body, and in particular in the legs, it causes changes to the skin, and often the principal cause of a person having varicose veins.

Dermatitis Statis Definition

Hugely affecting your legs that may appear to have red and often itchy rash on the lower part of your body is a disorder called statis dermatitis. It often occurs after a long-term swelling of the legs that could be caused by poor blood circulation.

Dermatitis Statis Symptoms and Signs

When a person's skin may turn brown is color is a guide to whether he or she is suffering from statis dermatitis. An additional to the symptom is where the affected area of the skin will generally weaken and become affected by ulcers. The skin is in a very poor condition if it is indicated that if it is severe, cracking will become evident and continuation of the problem may result in bacterial infections and could possibly result in cellulites infections spreading throughout the leg.

Dermatitis Statis Treatment

Determining and then managing the underlying venous insufficiency is the most important, where postural drainage may be used to counteract the high venous pressure. Exercise is encouraged while standing is discouraged and the patient should be encouraged to lie on the bed for an hour in the afternoon with the legs drained, similarly, they should be encouraged to sleep with the foot of the bed raised.

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