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Diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD)

Diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD) Causes

There are different factors that precipitate DPLD, such as inhaled substance like asbestosis and silicosis,drug induced DPLD like antibiotics, and chemotherapeutic drugs, connective tissue diseases, idiopathic deseases or unknown diseases, infection of the lungs and malignancy or cancerous cells.

Diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD) Definition

Diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD) also known as Interstitial lung disease, is refers to obstructive airway diseases of the lungs. It affects the alveolar epithelial lining, pulmonary capillary epithelium and its basement mambrane.

Diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD) Diagnosis

A patient who are suspects of DPLD is advice to have chest x-ray, pulmonary function testing, blood testing, high CT Scan of the thorax to identify DPLD. A lung biopsy test is also needed if the the medical history and imaging test cannot ruled-out the specific diagnosis and malignancy of the disease.

Diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD) Symptoms and Signs

It is characterized by scarring and inflammation of the deep lung tissues that leads to shortness of breathing and difficulty of breath.

Diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD) Treatment

DPLD is a secondary disease or a complication of different diseases. The treatment of this disease is depending on the etiologic factors. If a specific factor is found, the patient must prevent exposing the substance. The patient with Connective tissue disorder id given Prednisone to prevent further inflammation,while patient who are experiencing hypoxia or lack of oxygen supply in the body should immediatelt administer oxygen therapy.

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