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Diphallia Causes

Diphallia is cause by genetic mutation of the fetus during 23rd 35th days of gestation due to trauma and chemical reaction.

Diphallia Definition

Diphallia is also known as penile duplication (PD), dophallic terata or diphallasparatus. It is a disorder of male infant born with two or more penis. This disorder commonly accompanied with congenital anomalies like renal and anorectal duplication. A Diphalilic patient have high risk to develop spina bifida, a congenital defect that has incomplete closure of the empbryonic neural tube that allow spinal cord to protrude through the opening. It also has higher death rate because of its complicated renal and colorectal structures that results infection.

Diphallia Diagnosis

It is identified physically right after birth, some patient recognized the abnormalities after second months of life.

Diphallia Symptoms and Signs

It is characterized with two or more penis, both are situated side by side and has equal size, urine passes through both penis, some patient in one penis only, other patient neither of the penis. Some patient is sterile or incapable to produce semen, but the penis will erect if stimulated.

Diphallia Treatment

A surgical removal of the supernumerary penis is the common surgery for the diphallic patient. But complex reconstruction is another management if severe malformations are associated.

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