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Eale's disease

Eale's disease Causes

The cause of Eales disease still remains unknown. It is often some diagnosis of exclusion and is typically thought to be idiopathic. There are no environmental factors, causative drugs or some sort of infectious agents that can be directly related with Eales disease.

Eale's disease Definition

Eale's disease is categorized as an idiopathic obliterative vasculopathy that typically involves and affects the peripheral retina among young adults. The clinical findings for Eale's disease is primarily characterized by some avascular areas located in the retina periphery, the dilation of the capillary channels, as well as spontaneous chorioretinal scars.

Eale's disease Diagnosis

No clinical laboratory tests are currently available to provide a definitive diagnosis for Eales disease. However, laboratory tests are still conducted to rule out other possible medical conditions. Among the usual tests include the blood glucose count, sickle cell and complete blood count to check the possibility of hemoglobinopathies.

Eale's disease Symptoms and Signs

Since Eale's disease largely affects the eyes, symptoms associated with this medical condition includes inflammation of the retaina and neovascularization. Some vaaascular sheathing may also be detected on the adjacent layer of the nerve layer, which is usually manifested by some white lines.

Eale's disease Treatment

Treatments are usually focused on alleviating the symptoms suffered by patients with this medical condition.

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