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Ear Infection, Middle Ear

Ear Infection, Middle Ear Causes

Most often the cause of an ear infection is viral in nature such as a cold. This can sometimes cause the ear to become inflamed and the fluid builds up behind the eardrum. Since children don't still have a fully developed immune system they become more susceptible to such type of infections.

Ear Infection, Middle Ear Definition

Ear infections are known to be among the common illnesses that occur during early childhood. In fact, statistics show that about 3 out of four children experienced ear infection by the age of three.

Ear Infection, Middle Ear Diagnosis

Diagnosis is typically based on examination of the ear along with some tests such as typanometry and acoustic reflectometry. Like most forms of infection, early detection is crucial to administer appropriate treatment approach.

Ear Infection, Middle Ear Symptoms and Signs

Middle ear infection can be a little difficult to detect, especially when the child may too young to complain of pain in the ears. Symptoms often include constant pulling or tugging of the ear, failure to respond to sounds, trouble sleeping, headaches, develop fever and unusually irritable.

Ear Infection, Middle Ear Treatment

Treatment for ear infections include the antibiotic therapy, administration of drainage tubes if the child does not respond to medications, and in some sever cases surgery may be required.

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