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Early Puberty

Early Puberty Causes

Causes of early puberty may be due to the early processing of the brain to release gonadotropin hormones. Pituitary glands and sex hormones may also be prematurely produced. In rare cases, this condition may be an indication of an underlying illness such as tumor of the brain, brain defects and hypothyroidism.

Early Puberty Definition

Early puberty is characterized by the rapid growth of the muscles and bones as well as premature changes in the size and shape of the body. This condition is often more prevalent among girls than boys.

Early Puberty Diagnosis

The best doctor to diagnose early puberty is those who specialize in pediatric endocrinology since this is a hormone-related condition. Hand and wrist x-rays are often conducted to determine the age of the bones, and if it is aging prematurely for the child's age. Blood tests and other laboratory exams are also conducted to determine hormone levels.

Early Puberty Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of early puberty among girls include early menstruation and breast growth that may often be detected at the age of 8 or 9. For boys, signs include the enlargement of testicles and penis, deepening of the voice and growth of facial hair. For both genders, there can be an early growth of underarm hair and pubic hair, acne, and adult body odor.

Early Puberty Treatment

The treatment approach for early puberty will largely depend on the cause. In most cases, a GnRH analogue therapy is advised. Naturally, for brain tumors, a surgical procedure is required.

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