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Eating Emotional

Eating Emotional Causes

Emotional eating is caused by anxiety over one's weight; others tend to vomit all the food they ate, some meanwhile consume lots of food whenever they feel like doing so. Binge eating may be caused by depression as some people release their emotions to such actions such as eating.

Eating Emotional Definition

Emotional eating, more popularly known as bulimia or binge eating is an abnormal eating behavior. This eating disorder became a distinct psychological illness in 1980.

Eating Emotional Diagnosis

Emotional eating can be diagnosed via observation of abnormal eating habits. Rapid changes in one's weight can also help determine the disorder.

Eating Emotional Symptoms and Signs

People who suffer from binge eating encounter sudden urges to eat (and overeat) based on their emotions. While they eat a lot, they also tend to fast or starve themselves at random instances.

Eating Emotional Treatment

Counseling and proper diet are the main procedures to treat emotional eating. Moral support form friends and family is also recommended.

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