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ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy Causes

The underlying causes of ectopic pregnancy are still largely unknown. After the fertilization of oocyte that occurs on the peritoneal cavity, the egg would usually take nine days to travel down to the tube towards the uterine cavity. Wherever the embryo would finds itself at that period, it will begin to implant. Smoking is said to be a cause of tubal damage.

ectopic pregnancy Definition

An ectopic pregnancy is characterized by a serious complication during pregnancy in which case the fertilized ovum develops in a tissue than is not on the uterine wall. Majority of the ectopic pregnancy cases occur in the Fallopian tube, but it may also occur in the ovaries, cervix and abdomen.

ectopic pregnancy Diagnosis

An ectopic pregnancy may be suspected in pregnant women with lower abdominal pain or suffer from unusual bleeding. A vaginal ultrasound scan is usually used to derive presumptive evidence.

ectopic pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

The early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy may either be absent or very subtle. Among the indicators in lower abdominal pain, pain during urination, mild vaginal bleeding, as well as pain during bowel movement.

ectopic pregnancy Treatment

Early treatment of ectopic pregnancy involves administering antimetabolite methotrexate that has been proven to present viable alternative to surgical treatment. This medication disrupts the growth of the embryo but also causes the cessation of pregnancy. For late detection, a surgical intervention is the solution.

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