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Ectrodactyly Causes

Ectrodactyly is considered to be extremely rare and is believed to only occur once in every 90,000 births. This type of medical condition has several manifestations, but all of them are genetic caused by the mutation of certain choromosome that can be inherited from one of the parents.

Ectrodactyly Definition

Ectrodactyly is categorized as a form of birth defect that causes malformations of the feet and/or hand. Majority of this condition, the middle toe or the middle finger is missing or may be fused together with other neighboring digits. Hand formations usually share the similar appearance of lobster hands.

Ectrodactyly Diagnosis

Ectrodactyly is easily diagnosed through physical examination, which is noticeable right after birth.

Ectrodactyly Symptoms and Signs

This medical condition appears during birth and symptoms would naturally include the malformations of the hand and/ or feet of the infant.

Ectrodactyly Treatment

There are a number of treatments that can help correct the malformation of the hand and feet. Surgical procedures are usually done and the use of prosthetics provides an alternative solution to enhance appearance of the hand. Occupational and physical therapy may also be required to help patients better adapt to their condition and make their hands and feet fully functional.

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