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Ehrlichiosis Causes

Ehrlichiosis is primarily caused by bacteria known as Rickettsiae that has been known to trigger a number of diseases all over the world. The tick may be carried by those that infest dogs and other animals.

Ehrlichiosis Definition

Ehrlichiosis was first discovered towards the end of the 19th century, which is a disease that is transmitted by ticks, otherwise known as tick-borne diseases. Among the very first victims identified were from Japan that was characterized by swollen lymph nodes and fever. In the South Central and Southeastern regions of United states, the lone s tar tick, known as Amblyomma americanum has been identified as the primary culprit of this medical condition.

Ehrlichiosis Diagnosis

Diagnosis will be largely based on the symptoms presented. Blood test may also be conducted as well as a physical examination to derive a more definite diagnosis.

Ehrlichiosis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms involve with Ehrlichiosis may initially present like symptoms of flu that includes chills and fever, headache, nausea and muscle aches. As the condition progresses, the infected person may suffer from other signs such as diarrhea, red rashes, malaise and bleeding in the skin.

Ehrlichiosis Treatment

Antibiotics are commonly administered to treat this disease as well as fight off infection. However, children are not usually prescribed with tetracycline as this has been known to cause permanent discoloration of the teeth.

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