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Eight Day Measles

Eight Day Measles Causes

Measles is caused by the rubeola virus, an airborne virus that can be passed on through physical contact.

Eight Day Measles Definition

Eight-day measles is one of the alternate names of measles, a contagious disease common among children. It is characterized by red spots that appear on the skin, runny nose and incessant coughing. When not treated measles can be very fatal, as the disease has been one of the main causes of death among infants and young children.

Eight Day Measles Diagnosis

Measles can be diagnosed based on the symptoms shown by the patient, as well as community indexing when an outbreak occurs.

Eight Day Measles Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of measles include red spots on the surface of the skin, fever, sensitivity to light, coughing and colds. The neck becomes swollen and the spots soon become rashes after a week.

Eight Day Measles Treatment

Vaccines are now available to prevent the onset of the illness. Other treatments include drugs that cure the symptoms of the disease.

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