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Elective mutism

Elective mutism Causes

This disorder is believe to be causes by possible associations with ADHD and is known to be the stubborn refusal of a child to speak or the abnormal feel of separation. This may be also be caused by the sudden change such ass illness, divorce or death of a person close to the child.

Elective mutism Definition

Elective mutism or selective mutism is an extremely rare disorder where the young kid chooses not to talk even when addressed to during social events even though it is an established fact that he/she can talk.

Elective mutism Diagnosis

Diagnosis is done through medical observations derive from firsthand interview with the patient or the people around the person. Close observation as well as a through check of the patient's medical records as well as the family's medical records and history can also significantly help in getting a definitive diagnosis.

Elective mutism Symptoms and Signs

Among the most common symptoms of elective mutism include use of gestures instead to replying, nodding, depression, anxiety and shyness. This symptom are usually evident during childhood where children may tend to show an excessive emotional sensibility.

Elective mutism Treatment

Treatment involves therapy that would require psychological assessment as well as unwavering support of family and loved ones.

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