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emetophobia Causes

Emetophobia usually develops from a childhood fear that has never been outgrown. Patients with this phobia try to avoid a recurrence of such experience. Some studies reveal that parental role is significant in the development of this phobia.

emetophobia Definition

Emetophobia is the irrational fear of vomiting & being near with those are vomiting. People who suffer with the said phobia tend to constantly avoid eating out as well as socializing and going out to parties. Emetophobics will go to extraordinary mile to avoid becoming violently sick.

emetophobia Diagnosis

There is no way to diagnose a patient w/ emetophobia. However you can spot with this fear because of the symptoms like for instance- avoiding to go on public transport, making excuses to not see the doctor for thoughts of seeing someone ill or avoiding eating a lot.

emetophobia Symptoms and Signs

One major symptom of emetophobia is nausea, which then induces further anxiety. Emetophobes behave rather very strangely and have a number of different ways of doing everyday routines and tasks. Other symptoms include breathlessness, dry mouth and excessive sweating. Patients with this phobia have the tendency to shake and tremble. They have the inability to think clearly and they become psychologically unstable.

emetophobia Treatment

There are techniques that have been useful in treating emetophobia. First technique is desentization wherein the person is gradually exposed to pictures of vomit and people vomiting. Patients are also given anti-sickness medications. They can also undergo Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This explores and tends to understand the thought behind this disorder. Some people with emetophobia get better after they actually vomited.

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