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encephalocele Causes

Encephalocele are cause by failure of the neural tube to close completely during fetal development. The result is the formation of a groove down to the midline located on the upper section of the patient's skull, or the specific area between the nose and the forehead, or the back of the skull. When located in the back of the skull, encephaloceles are more often predominantly associated with some neurological problems. There are studies and evidence linking NTD's to folic acid deficiency.

encephalocele Definition

Encephalocele, is a neural tube defect characterized by sac-like protrusions of the brain and the membranes that cover it through openings in the skull.

encephalocele Diagnosis

More often encephaloceles are dramatic abnormalities diagnosed immediately after birth, but occasionally a small encephalocele in the nasal and forehead region can go undetected. Hydrocephalus that is often associated with encephaloceles may also require some surgical treatment with a shunt. Other treatment is supportive and symptomatic.

encephalocele Symptoms and Signs

Patients with hydrocephalus is a an associated abnormalities of encephalocele. Other symptoms include paralysis of the arms and legs, abnormally small head, developmental delay, problems with their visions, mental and growth retardation and seizures.It is also a genetic condition wherein families have a history of spina bifida and anencephaly in family members.

encephalocele Treatment

Reparative surgeries following birth are the only effective treatment of Encephaloceles.

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