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Encephalocele Anencephaly

Encephalocele Anencephaly Causes

The exact cause of this defect is unknown. However, it's believed that a mother's vitamin and diet intake can play some role; researchers deem that lots of other factors may also be involved.

Encephalocele Anencephaly Definition

Encephalocele anencephaly is among the most severe kinds of NTD or Neural Tube Defect. These types of defects occur during pregnancy, and affects the ?tissue' that develops into a fetus' brain and spinal cord. Anencephaly happens early in fetal development, and results when the neural tube's upper part doesn't close properly.

Encephalocele Anencephaly Diagnosis

A doctor that suspects encephalocele anencephaly can perform pregnancy ultrasound to confirm diagnosis. Ultrasound can reveal severe fluid in uterus. Other tests include amniocentesis, estriol level in urine, and alph-fetoprotein level.

Encephalocele Anencephaly Symptoms and Signs

Manifestations of this defect include absence of the skull and brain, abnormalities in facial feature, and heart defects.

Encephalocele Anencephaly Treatment

Treatment for encephalocele anencephaly is mainly supportive. There has been no standard treatment or cure found for the disorder. An extensive range of studies are being conducted, to explore complex systems of a normal brain growth. Knowledge from these studies provide a foundation for knowing how the process may go wrong, thus offering hope for new methods of treatment and prevention of hereditary brain disorders, including NTD.

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