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Ependymoblastoma Causes

The underlying cause of this condition remains unknown until now. Although different studies are now being done to investigate what really causes Ependymoblastoma.

Ependymoblastoma Definition

Ependymoblastoma is a malignant tumor which is very rarely reported. It is also known as Primitive neuroectodermal tumor or PNET. It usually occurs in children who are under 10 years of age. Ependyoblastoma is classified into two types which is based on its location in the body. It can be peripheral PNET or CNS PNET.

Ependymoblastoma Diagnosis

To diagnose patients with possible Ependymoblastoma is done through physical examination involving laboratory tests using imaging equipments run at the parts with the symptom.

Ependymoblastoma Symptoms and Signs

Some of the symptoms of Ependymoblastoma often includes the following: patients also have symptoms even at an early stages, pain, headache, swell that occur for no reason at all, and lump which are usually painful, fever, weight loss, lethargy, nausea, weakness, vision problems like color blindedness or blurry, loss of balance, patients experience seizures, incoordination, Eye movement problems, enlarged head especially in young children, reduced muscle tone, back pain, and leg pain.

Ependymoblastoma Treatment

Treatments that are mentioned in different sources for Neuroectodermal tumors primitive includes different clinical testings and procedures like Chemotherapy, therapy using the radiation, or surgery.

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