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Epiglottitis Causes

Epiglottitis is caused by the bacteria Haemophilus influenzae type B, as well as the Streptoccocus pneumoniae.

Epiglottitis Definition

Epiglottitis is the medical term used to describe the inflammation of the epiglottis. The epiglottis is the flap that prevents the passage of food and other solid particles into the trachea. A swollen epiglottis is painful and can cause permanent damages to the trachea.

Epiglottitis Diagnosis

Epiglottitis is diagnosed by laryngoscopy. The disease is present when the arytenoids and the epiglottis are swollen and cherry red in color. Thumbprint signs on a lateral C-spine X-ray indicate epiglottitis as well.

Epiglottitis Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of the disease include fever, chills, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, stridor and drooling. The symptoms progress in a fast rate, which can lead to other complications such as asphyxiation and cyanosis.

Epiglottitis Treatment

Treatment of epiglottitis requires urgent endotracheal intubation in order to protect the trachea. When intubation fails, tracheotomy is performed. Surgical procedures are then followed by antibiotic treatments such as ceftriaxone and chloramphenicol.

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