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Equinophobia Causes

This fear of horses condition can be caused by some past experiences associated with the horse, it can be a life-threatening experience that patients would never want to undergo ever again or it can also be stimulated with an experience of someone he or she knows. It can also be stimulated by movies. It is the minds automatic defense response to anything that it thinks would greatly harm him/her or anything that he feels he could loose his life.

Equinophobia Definition

Equinophobia is a medical or mental condition defined as "a rather unwarranted, persistent, and abnormal fear of horses."

Equinophobia Diagnosis

An exam with the help of a psychiatrist may be helpful to diagnose the extent of a patient's phobia.

Equinophobia Symptoms and Signs

Symtoms would include the obvious. Patients with this condition often find it difficult to approach horses or even show signs of great fear even at a glance of a horse.

Equinophobia Treatment

Treatments of Equinophobia may include subjecting the patient to a gradual exposure to the animal or the horse. Certain medications can also be administered to control the patient's reaction towards their fear. Psychiatrists are also very helpful in helping the patient's overcome what they call their fears.

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