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Ergophobia Causes

This fear of work may occur as an auto defensive mechanism of a person who may have a rather unpleasant experience in the work place. It can be a thing of his past or by other people close to him. This condittion may have developed during childhood.

Ergophobia Definition

Ergophobia is an abnormal and usually persistent fear of work. People suffering ergophobia often experience unreasonable stress or fatigue about work of the workplace environment even if they themselves realize that their fear is rather irrational. Their fear of work may also actually be a combined fears like the fear of not meeting his employers' expectation or failing at a tasked assigned to him, fear of talking or speaking in front of groups at the workplace, or fear of interacting or socializing with other co-employees. The word "Ergophobia" is taken from the Greek word "ergon" which means work and "phobos" which means fear.

Ergophobia Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Ergophobia can be done best through a Psychological exam.

Ergophobia Symptoms and Signs

People suffering this mental condition often are not sociable, quiet and one who prefers working alone rather than in groups.

Ergophobia Treatment

Admitting oneself to psychiatric treatment will help a lot in the recovery of a patient from the condition. And socializing more intimately can help also in the progress of a patient.

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