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Erythroplakia Causes

Erythroplakia, as of now, has an unknown cause. Researchers, however, presume the cause to be similar as that in the case of a squamous cell carcinoma which is mostly found in men who are around the ages of 65 to 74 and is commonly associated with the patients practice of smoking. Erythroplakia is most commonly found in the floor area of the mouth, the soft palate, and the tongue.

Erythroplakia Definition

Erythroplakia is a red patch which is usually flat or a swelling in the mouth area that cannot be associated to other pathology. There are many various conditions which appear similar. This conditions must be ruled out and distinguished from erythroplakia before a certained diagnosis of the condition can be made. There are times that a diagnosis is up to be delayed for long periods up to two weeks so that or to see if the swell or the lesion is spontaneously regressing or if there is another cause that can be found. Erythroplakia usually is associated to dysplasia.

Erythroplakia Diagnosis

Examination and check up of the area can determine the appearance of the swell. Laboratory tests are also done to differentiate it from any other condition which may appear simlar to Erythroplakia.

Erythroplakia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of this condition often presented as a red macule or a plaque with borders which are well-demarcated. The texture is appears very soft and also velvety.

Erythroplakia Treatment

Treatment of Erythroplakia will mostly involve biopsy of the swell or the lesion to determine the extent of the dysplasia. A surgical intervention via a somplete excision of the swell or the lesion is also advised at some cases depending mostly on the histopathology found in the result of the biopsy. However, recurrence or regrowth of the Erythroplakia, even in rare cases, is very common. Long-term monitoring of the condition is often required and needed.

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