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Esophageal Stricture

Esophageal Stricture Causes

Esophageal stricture is linked with major diseases in the gastrointestinal tract. Among the main illnesses to which the disease is associated are dysfunctional lower esophageal sphincter, hiatal hernia, disordered motility and gastrointestinal reflux disease.

Esophageal Stricture Definition

An esophageal stricture is the process of narrowing of the esophagus. This becomes the main cause of swallowing difficulties. It can also be associated with other gastrointestinal diseases such as esophagitis.

Esophageal Stricture Diagnosis

Esophageal stricture can be diagnosed by X-ray results, endoscopy and barium enema.

Esophageal Stricture Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of esophageal stricture include swallowing problems, choking, and a swollen esophagus.

Esophageal Stricture Treatment

The illness is treated by antibiotics, if it is caused by esophagitis. Dilation of the stricture can also be done to cure the inflammation. Other treatments are given based on the cause of the disease.

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