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Essential Tremor

Essential Tremor Causes

Genetic mutation is half of the cases of essential tremor,which appear to occur usually referred as benign familial tremor. Other cause of essential tremor without known genetic mutation links to the problem occuring in some portions of brain circuits.

Essential Tremor Definition

The word ?essential? in essential tremor means that the disorder isn't linked to other disease and is a sign of a movement disorder characterized as dismissed trembling hands or shaking head also it is also part of a normal aging process. It is the most common of the many movement disorder.

Essential Tremor Diagnosis

Complete medical history and medical exam including neurological exam may help narrow down the diagnosis. Ruling out other differential diagnosis may undergo blood and urine test for such problem like thyroid disease and parkinson's disease.

Essential Tremor Symptoms and Signs

The tremor often begins gradually and occurs when your hands are in use. It appears sometimes during mid to late life or during adolescence stage. Trembling is the most remarkable and significant trait of the condition. It can also affect your head, tongue, up and down movements of your hands and arms.

Essential Tremor Treatment

The condition isn't a sign of a more serious disease which is most cases of essential tremor don't need treatment. Reassurance and lifestyle changes including plenty of rest, avoiding stressful situations and stimulants such as caffeine may ease the tremors. Some medications like beta blockers, anti seizure medications tranquilizers and botolinum toxin type A (botox) injections are used.

Drugs used for treatment of Essential Tremor


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