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Ewing's sarcoma

Ewing's sarcoma Causes

It is an unknown cause disease but it is commonly occurs in the family or what we called a genetic factor. It shows mutation of the bone cells that lead to increase production of immature and abnormal cells.

Ewing's sarcoma Definition

Ewing's sarcoma is also known as primitive neuroectodermal tumor and bone cancer. It is a disease that the cancer cell is found in the bone. |It is commonly occurs in pelvisc bone, the femur bone, humerus bone, and the ribs.

Ewing's sarcoma Diagnosis

There are many diagnostic test to rule- out ewing's sarcoma. We have magnetic resonance imaging that will show full bone structures, CT can also be used to distinguish the extent of the tumor. Both CT and magnetic resonance imaging are used to follow up the response of the treatment. Through X-ray it can be identify as ewing's sarcoma because it shows onion peel appearance.

Ewing's sarcoma Symptoms and Signs

It's characteristics of ewing's sarcoma is pain in the site of Ediaphysis or metaphysis, weakening and wasting of the bone and malformation of bone.

Ewing's sarcoma Treatment

Abnormal and immature cells in the bone can be treated through multidrug chemotherapy and or radiation. Surgery or removing of the affected site or organ can also be helpful. Combination of chemotherapy or radiation and surgery are commonly done to prevent metastasis.

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