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Exploding head syndrome

Exploding head syndrome Causes

It is commonly unknown cause, but some physician said that it is cause by over fatigue and stress, some also said that it is cause by head trauma and abrubt movement of the head. Aside from head trauma, injury of the middle ear especially the Eustachian tube also cause this disease.

Exploding head syndrome Definition

Exploding head syndrome is a medical disorder that the patient suffers from a very loud noise that comes from within his or her head.

Exploding head syndrome Diagnosis

An Electroencephalography (EEG) is a measurement of electrical activity in the brain is recorded from the electrodes the is placed on the scalp of the patient during the attack helps diagnose the disorder.

Exploding head syndrome Symptoms and Signs

It usually dcahracterized as an explosion, roar or a ringing noise in their head. Commonly occurs before falling asleep,but also happen during the day timel.but the patient does not experience pain in their head. The attack is unpredicrable and unstable. It is accompanied by flashes of light or difficulty in breathing. These symptoms may be distressing to the patient.

Exploding head syndrome Treatment

Clomipramine has been used for some in patients, who have this kind of disorder have experienced relief of the symptoms.

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