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External Compression Headaches

External Compression Headaches Causes

The condition is caused by any type of headwear that puts pressure on the head. Headwear may include tight hats, headbands, helmets, and goggles. Experts still do no know why some people are more sensitive to this type of pressure compared to others.

External Compression Headaches Definition

External compression headache is the pain of constant pressure on the forehead or scalp that is caused by an object worn on the head.

External Compression Headaches Symptoms and Signs

External compression headaches are often described with a pain that causes constant pressure. The pain progresses in the past of the head where the object is pressed.

External Compression Headaches Treatment

The treatment for the condition is obvious and that is removing the headwear that is causing the pressure. It is rarely needed for affected persons to seek further treatment.

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