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Facet Degeneration

Facet Degeneration Causes

The cause of facet degeneration is another underlying illness, arthritis.

Facet Degeneration Definition

Facet degeneration syndrome is a severe kind of back pain that affects the facet joint. It is associated with another back illness, degenerative disc disease.

Facet Degeneration Diagnosis

Faced degeneration can be diagnosed based on the symptoms given by the patient as well as by X-ray findings.

Facet Degeneration Symptoms and Signs

The signs of the disease include back pain on one side of the spine. This pain grows worse when bending towards the affected side, as well as backward bending. Pain in the hamstring, buttocks and groin are also felt.

Facet Degeneration Treatment

Facet degeneration can be treated with NSAIDs and heat pack compressions to relieve muscle spasms and back pain.

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