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Facial paralysis

Facial paralysis Causes

Among the identified common underlying causes of facial paralysis include Bell 's palsy, trauma, tumors, neurosarcoidosis, herpes zoster oticus, chronic and acute otitis media. About 80% of the facial paralysis is brought about by Bell's palsy.

Facial paralysis Definition

Facial paralysis is quite a common problem that primarily involves the paralysis of any facial structure that is innervated by the nerve of the face. The main pathway of the human facial nerve is relatively convoluted and long, which means there are a number of underlying causes that may result to the development of facial paralysis. Among the most common causes is Bell's palsy.

Facial paralysis Diagnosis

Facial paralysis is readily evident through conducting physical examination as well as hearing tests,

Facial paralysis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for facial paralysis include sudden weakness of the face that may be accompanied with fever, hearing loss, headache, numbness of the legs and arms. Patient may also suffer from difficulty in swallowing and unexplained hoarseness.

Facial paralysis Treatment

Patients can expect a big possibility of gaining full recovery. The primary medication for facial paralysis includes steroids such as methylprednisolone or prednisone to effectively reduce the inflammation within the facial nerve as well ass hasten the recovery period. Other medications also include antiviral agents and surgical procedures to relieve pressure.

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