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Familial Emphysema

Familial Emphysema Causes

Familial emphysema is caused by a genetic defect that resulted to the lack of alpha antitripsyn enzyme in the lungs' alveoli.

Familial Emphysema Definition

Familial emphysema is a kind of emphysema brought about by genetic problems rather than smoking. It is caused by a deficiency of the AAT enzyme that protects the elastin found in the lung alveoli. When the elastin is damaged, serious pulmonary problems may occur.

Familial Emphysema Diagnosis

Familial emphysema can be confirmed by genetic counseling as well as physical and laboratory examination of the lungs.

Familial Emphysema Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of familials emphysema are incessant coughing with blood, sore throat, difficulty in breathing as well as other ailments commonly found in patients with acquired emphysema.

Familial Emphysema Treatment

Treatment for the disease includes surgical reduction of the lungs. Patients are likewise advised to avoid smoking.

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