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Familial Mediterranean fever

Familial Mediterranean fever Causes

Symptoms of familial Mediterranean fever normally start when the patient is between 5 and 15 years old. Painful inflammation can be observed along the lining pf the chest or abdominal cavity, joints, or skin. High fevers, which peak between 12 and 24 hours, are usually experienced as well.

Familial Mediterranean fever Definition

A genetic health condition, familial Mediterranean fever is characterized by the repeating occurrences of inflammation in the chest, abdomen, or joints. These episodes, which were found to be painful, typically happen along with fever, and at times, a rash.

Familial Mediterranean fever Diagnosis

So far, no specific medical test is present to diagnose the condition. HOwever, some doctors use chromosome analysis or advise patient to undergo certain lab tests and x-rays to rule out other diseases.

Familial Mediterranean fever Symptoms and Signs

Although the cause of Familial Mediterranean fever remains unknown, this condition usually happens among those with Mediterranean ancestry. However, people of other ethnicities are not guaranteed to be safe from getting the disease.

Familial Mediterranean fever Treatment

Colchicine has been found out to be an effective medium in preventing episodes of the condition. Patients who have developed renal failure may go through hemodialysis. Peritoneal dialysis is said to heighten the occurrence of the attacks. Those who are experiencing long-term myalgia that comes with pain and fever may be treated with prednisone.

Drugs used for treatment of Familial Mediterranean fever


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