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familial polyposis

familial polyposis Causes

Familial polyposis is brought about by a mutated gene. HOwever, there has been no definite explanation for the mutation.

familial polyposis Definition

Familial Polyposis is a genetic medical condition that attacks the patient's large intestine. Although this disease is considered rare, leaving it untreatedd can cause the onset of cancer.

familial polyposis Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the mutating part of the disease-causing gene can actually be detected through a blood testing. The family members who are carrying the same mutation can then be identified. Blood testing should be carrued out as early as the time when a member of the family has been found to be positive with the disease.

familial polyposis Symptoms and Signs

Some patients who are suffering from familial polyposis do not experience any symptoms. Others though go through certain intestinal issues such as constipation, bloody stool, diarrhea, weight loss, or abdominal cramps. There are also patients who may develop desmoid tumors, and abnormalities in the bone or teeth. Further, these patients may observe that their retinas have a "spot".

familial polyposis Treatment

Patients of this disease are almost always advised to undergo surgical removal of their lower intestine as an effective means of treating familial polyposis. The type of surgical removal varies, and the choice would depend on the severity of the condition.

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