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Fanconi syndrome

Fanconi syndrome Causes

Several causes of Fanconi syndrome may be hereditary or congenital also it can be acquired. The most usual cause is Cystinosis it usually seen in children though this disease can be possibly obtained later in life. Several accepted causes of Fanconi syndrome are as follows: Wilson's disease - inherited condition of copper metabolism Lowe Syndrome Tyrosinemia(Type I) Galactosemia Glycogen storage diseases Fructose intolerance Expired tetracyclines ingestion Tenofovir side effect

Fanconi syndrome Definition

Fanconi syndrome is also known as Fanconi's syndrome is a disorder where in function of the proximal tubular of the kidney is damaged that results to reduced re-absorption of electrolytes and nutrients back into the bloodstream. Amino acids, glucose, phosphate, uric acid and bicarbonate are the compounds involved. This disorder should not be confused with Fanconi anemia which is another disease.

Fanconi syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The list below is the common symptoms for Fanconi syndrome, some of the symptoms may only be evident to the doctor and not to the patient: Vitamin D deficiency Urine contains glucose Urine contains Amino acids Urine contains Citrate Urine contains Phosphate Hypokalemia

Fanconi syndrome Treatment

The replacement of substances in the urine primarily fluid and bicarbonate is the main treatment for Fanconi syndrome in children.

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