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Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver Causes

Ingestion of too much calories causes the build up of fat in one's liver. When this extra fat isn't broken down and processed by the liver than it normally does, excessive fat accumulates, which in turn results to the condition.

Fatty Liver Definition

Fatty liver is a condition that involves the accumulation of too much fat in one's liver cells. It's normal for the liver to have some fat; however, if this fat makes up more than ten percent of the weight of the liver, then one has a fatty liver and can develop more grave symptoms. The extra fat can lead to liver inflammation.

Fatty Liver Diagnosis

Diagnosis is confirmed through physical examination, blood tests, ultrasound, and other tests.

Fatty Liver Symptoms and Signs

The condition generates no symptoms alone, so most people learn they have the condition when they go through medical tests for some other reasons. Sometimes, swelling from fatty liver is associated to abuse of alcohol called alcoholic steatohepatitis. If this gets worse, one can experience weight loss, fatigue, confusion, weakness, and abdominal discomfort.

Fatty Liver Treatment

There's no surgical or medical treatment for fatty liver; however, there are a few steps one can take to reverse the damage or prevent the condition. One must lose weight in a safe and proper manner, which typically means taking off not more than two pounds every week. Lower the triglycerides through medication or diet, or both. Avoid alcohol, eat healthy, increase physical activity, and have regular checkups.

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