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Favism Causes

Favism is caused by the lack of G6PD enzymes in the red blood cells. Because of the deficiency of this enzyme, the body reacts violently to consumption of broad (fava beans).

Favism Definition

Favism, also known as glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, is an X-linked recessive disease that demonstrates insufficient amounts of the G6PD enzyme. This enzyme is important to red blood cell metabolism. Patients with the disease may suffer from non-immune hemolytic anemia.

Favism Diagnosis

Diagnostic procedures for favism include complete blood count, liver enzyme tests, haptoglobin and direct antiglobulin tests.

Favism Symptoms and Signs

Among the signs and symptoms of favism include neonatal jaundice, adverse hemolytic reactions to certain drugs and foods as well as diabetic keoacidosis. Males are usually the ones triggered by the disease.

Favism Treatment

The most important cure to favism is prevention. Avoid the drugs and foods that may generate hemolysis. Vaccination against some pathogens are also helpful. For severe cases of hemolysis, blood transfusion may be required. Splenectomy can also bring in some benefits to patients suffering from favism.

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