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Febrile seizure

Febrile seizure Complications

The list below shows the complications experienced by patients with febrile seizure: Choking Epilepsy – has a greater possibility to happen in children who have severe febrile seizure Brain damage – is unusual

Febrile seizure Definition

Febrile seizure usually happens in young kids and babies and it is because of high body temperature and fever. Luckily, when a child or a baby experiences febrile seizure it does not result to damage in the brain or any severe complications. Although, a baby that has febrile seizure should be attended immediately by a physician because the baby has a serious fever in this case. Even though the baby has a fever he need not be admitted but the physician must closely monitor the condition of the baby.

Febrile seizure Diagnosis

The list below is the diagnostic tests done for febrile seizure: Check Body temperature Tests for fever EEG tests Diagnostic tests is not limited to the list above, the physician may require other tests depending on the condition of the patient.

Febrile seizure Symptoms and Signs

The list below is the common symptoms for febrile fever, some of the symptoms may only be evident to the doctor and not to the patient: Seizures or fits Loss of awareness Shaking or trembling or Shuddering body Writhing limbs Jerking or sudden movements or twitches Rigidity or inflexibility Short-term seizure - usually 1-2 minutes though it can be from a few seconds up to 15 minutes Rectal temperature more than 102 degrees F Eyes rolling back in head Teeth clenching or gritting Foaming at the mouth Urination during the seizure

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