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Fecal Impaction

Fecal Impaction Causes

Fecal impactions are caused by digestive problems, lack of fibers that help dissolve ingested food, and insufficient water in the body.

Fecal Impaction Definition

Fecal impaction is the medical term used to describe a solid bulk of stool due to chronic constipation.

Fecal Impaction Diagnosis

Fecal impaction is diagnosed via fecal tests and physical examinations.

Fecal Impaction Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of fecal impaction include constipation, and hard, solid stool that take a lot of time to be released from th rectum. Fecal impaction may lead to necrosis and ulcers in the rectal area. Rectal pain is also present.

Fecal Impaction Treatment

Increases water intake is the general form of medication. Fiber supplements are also given to help dissolve digested food so defecation would no longer be difficult. Eating foods that are high in fiber are also recommended.

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