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Feer Disease

Feer Disease Causes

Feer disease is caused by immense exposure to mercury. Workers as well as miners in mercury deposits are the ones prone to acquiring the disease.

Feer Disease Definition

Feer disease, or Swift-Feer disease, refers to mercury poisoning. It is an illness caused by long-term exposure to the metal mercury. This can lead serious health problems in the different body organs such as the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Feer Disease Diagnosis

Feer disease is be diagnosed by the studying the symptoms as well as detection of trace amounts of mercury found in the blood serum.

Feer Disease Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of Feer disease are edemas, hyperhidrosis, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, and extreme redness and swelling of the skin particularly on the cheeks.

Feer Disease Treatment

Feer disease can be treated by chelation therapy. Vitamin C supplements are also taken to prevent one from further problems caused by the toxin

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