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Female Carrier ALD

Female Carrier ALD Causes

Female carrier ALD is caused by a genetic mutation in the body's chromosomes, which causes dysfunctions in the adrenal glands.

Female Carrier ALD Definition

Female carrier ALD is an X-linked disorder which affected females carry and transmitted to males. Only males are affected by the disease. ALD stands for adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare genetic defect that deteriorates the adrenal glands. Advanced stages of ALD can cause demyelation of the brain's white matter.

Female Carrier ALD Diagnosis

The disease is diagnosed via genetic testing.

Female Carrier ALD Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of female carrier ALD are ataxia, mild peripheral neuropathy, urinary problems and spastic paraperesis of the lover limbs.

Female Carrier ALD Treatment

There is no specific treatment for female carrier ALD; genetic counseling is rather advised to parents.

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