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Female Pseudohermaphroditism

Female Pseudohermaphroditism Causes

One possible cause of female pseudohermaphroditism is the intake of androgen, progestin, or anabolic steroid during the first trimester of pregnancy of a woman bearing a female fetus; the fetus can be masculinized. Androgen-producing tumors of an ovarian or adrenal origin is another cause that may lead to the masculinization of female fetus.

Female Pseudohermaphroditism Definition

Female pseudohermaphroditism is a type of pseudohermaphroditism wherein the affected person is an inherent and ‘gonadal' female having partial masculinization. Pseudohermaphroditism is a condition where the affected individual has gonads of one sex, but there's one or more existing contradictions in its morphologic sex criteria. In the case of female pseudohermaphroditism, a person has normal ovary development, internal reproductive tract, and XX karyotype, but they have virilized external or ambiguous genitalia.

Female Pseudohermaphroditism Diagnosis

The diagnosis will require physical examinations and tests. If Female pseudohermaphroditism is suspected, further tests may be done to confirm diagnosis.

Female Pseudohermaphroditism Symptoms and Signs

Generally, affected individuals show normal ovaries, XX karyotype, internal female ductal systems, and external genitalia virilization. Their external genitalia is ‘masculinized' to an inconsistent degree, from mild enlargement of the clitoris to normal male phenotype having empty scrotum. Other symptoms include sealed vagina, fusion of labia, and abnormal female external genitalia.

Female Pseudohermaphroditism Treatment

Treatment for the disorder includes hormone therapy, surgery, counseling, and support.

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