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Fibromatosis Causes

As with most tumors, the causes of fibromastosis are not known.

Fibromatosis Definition

The term fibromatosis specifically refers to the certain group of benign soft tissue tumors that presents particular characteristics that includes the absence of clinical malignant and cytologic features. The histology of fibromatosis is consistent with the proliferation of some well-differentiated fibroblasts, with filtrative growth patterns and rather aggressive clinical behavior. The mass usually be characterized by dense fibrocellular tissues that contain some mature fibrocytes and collagen that may be in various stages of maturation. These mass have atypical features and may have abnormal mitotic activity.

Fibromatosis Diagnosis

Fibromatosis is usually diagnosed through MRI,w hich can help show the intensity heterogeneity as well as infiltrative margins. MRI is also used to diagnose the level of invasion.

Fibromatosis Symptoms and Signs

Patients with fibromatosis are usually not aware of their medical condition since there is no underlying pain or discomfort. The mass may gradually grow and self-involution may possible occur. For lesions that constantly enlarge and progress, an incision may be required.

Fibromatosis Treatment

Treatment for fibromatosis includes the execution of prompt radical excision with some radiation and margin. Despite some local aggressive and infiltrative and behavior of these tumors, mortality is minimal to nonexistent.

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