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Fifth Disease

Fifth Disease Causes

The cause of this infection is called human parvovirus B19. It spreads from person to person through respiratory secretions and hand to hand contact just like the common cold. It is contagious but once the rashes appear it is no longer considered contagious.

Fifth Disease Definition

Also commonly called as parvovirus infection or erythema infectiosum is a fifth of the common childhood diseases with similar rashes. Other four are measles, rubella, scarlet fever and duke's disease. With a compromised immune problem or with certain anemia's this disease can be also serious to people.

Fifth Disease Diagnosis

Besides the presenting rash and other symptoms, antibodies that are specific test for parvovirus infection are commonly used. It will indicate immunity, and recent parvovirus infection.

Fifth Disease Symptoms and Signs

Typically signs and symptoms of parvovirus can develop like mild, cold like sore throat, slight fever, headache, itching in the early phase of the infection for about 5 to 10 days. A bright distinctive red facial rash usually appears on both cheeks after several days. Rash may extend to the rest of the body and becomes more visible when exposed most time in the sun or high temperatures.

Fifth Disease Treatment

Home self care steps treatment can be done only if there is no other existing disease. Infection with fifth disease and having severe anemia or have a weakened immune system at the same time requires hospitalization and further treatment.

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