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Filovirus Causes

The diseases caused by filovirus came from genetic mutations that occurred in a certain group of monkeys. The filovirus family was first discovered in the different parts of Africa where it once became an epidemic. `

Filovirus Definition

Filovirus is a group of viruses that generate hemorrhagic fever. Among the popular kinds of filovirus is the Ebola Marburg disease. It first had an outbreak in Zaire and Sudan in 1984.

Filovirus Diagnosis

Filovirus can be diagnosed during an outbreak via careful indexing of patients. It is a transmittable disease due to close contact with an infected person. A delicate procedure called polymerase chain reaction is then used to further study individual cases.

Filovirus Symptoms and Signs

Patients with filovirus (especially those first attacked by the Ebola diseases) demonstrated sudden chills and high fever, accompanied by profuse internal bleeding. Abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, lethargy and vomiting are also present. Blood vessels become extremely weak and the immune system no longer generates white blood cells to fight the virus. In a few days' time, these patients succumb to death. `

Filovirus Treatment

Filovirus can be treated with an antivirus vaccine that triggers an immense function of T-lymphocytes to fight the disease. Blood transfusion is also held to replace lost blood. `

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