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Fissured tongue

Fissured tongue Causes

Although the specific etiology has not been clearly elicited or polygenic dominant mode of inheritance is generally suspected since fissured tongue this condition is typically seen with an increased frequency in families that shared affected proband.

Fissured tongue Definition

Fissured tongue characterized as a benign medical condition that often referred to as plicated or scrotal tongue. It is distinguished as a tongue with deep or shallow furrows or grooves causing a rather wrinkled appearance of the tongue. This condition may be congenital and may gradually increase with age.

Fissured tongue Diagnosis

A tongue biopsy may be performed on the affected tongue, as well as histologic examination that will usually show a significant increase in the lamina proporia's thickness.

Fissured tongue Symptoms and Signs

Fissured tongue usually affects the dorsum and would usually extend to the lateral borders of the tongue. When this is particularly prominent, the grooves may be interconnected, appearing more like several lobules.

Fissured tongue Treatment

No definitive medication or therapy is required. If it is symptomatic, the patients are usually encouraged to constantly brush the tongue's dorsum to ensure the debris that may possible serve as irritant may be properly eliminated that may serve as an irritant. Other than that, there are no specific treatments available for fissured tongues.

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