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Fistula Causes

A person may acquire fistulas at birth. Others meanwhile get the inflammation due to injuries or certain damages on the affected passageway.

Fistula Definition

Fistula is the inflammation of cavities and passages that connect one organ to another. The areas where fistulas are prone to occur are the neck, gall bladder and salivary glands. The inflammation can also take place on the female vaginal cavity. Fistulas can be congenital or acquired, depending on the case.

Fistula Diagnosis

Fistulas can be diagnosed via physical examination, as well as radiographic procedure and MRI.

Fistula Symptoms and Signs

Fistulas are asymptomatic, thus physical examination is required to help detect the presence of the disease. Other patients meanwhile complain of extreme pain on the areas where fistulas are suspected to have developed.

Fistula Treatment

Fistulas can be treated by surgical closure. The affected cavities or passages have to be restructured to prevent further inflammation to take place.

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