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Flatulence Causes

There are bacteria in our colon that ferment carbohydrates if they aren't digested by the small intestine they produce most lower intestinal gas. Air unintentionally ingested when eating or drinking can sometimes be the cause of flatus development. Health conditions like diverticulitis or inflammatory bowel disease; constipation; and food intolerance.

Flatulence Definition

Flatulence or flatus is passing of intestinal gas which generally everyone passes gas at least 12 times or more. Flatus usually isn't serious, but sometimes unexpelled gas can cause intense, intermittent pain in the abdominal region.

Flatulence Diagnosis

Based on history and physical exam, a hollow sound usually indicates presence of gas in the intestines. Further works up are needed to rule out conditions that are serious to cause flatulence.

Flatulence Symptoms and Signs

Excess gas for most people have voluntary or involuntary passing of gas, abdominal bloating or distention, a sharp, jabbing pains or cramps occur in any part of your abdomen and can change location and intensity of pain quickly. Sometimes pain in abdomen can also be mistaken for some diseases like heart if pain occurs in the upper left side or can be mistaken for gallstone or appendicitis if pain is felt on the right side.

Flatulence Treatment

Treating the underlying condition besides from the flatus itself can give relief to symptoms. Other treatments like diet by cutting of fried and fatty foods and changes in lifestyle can bring positive outcomes.

Drugs used for treatment of Flatulence

Diges Tea

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