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Flourosis Causes

Flourosis is caused by excessive amount of fluoride in the teeth.

Flourosis Definition

Flourosis is actually not a medical disorder, not more of a cosmetic condition. Quite often, the condition is so mild, only professional dentists are able to detect it. This is largely brought about by the excessive fluoride in the body that can become a disruptive agent in enamel formation of the teeth. This can cause some minor discoloration or teeth surface irregularities.

Flourosis Diagnosis

Dentists can usually diagnose flourosis through close oral examination as well as conduct interview on the past medical conditions. X-rays can also be used to properly check if there are any defects in the teeth.

Flourosis Symptoms and Signs

The common symptoms associated with flourosis include fine white lines, spots and streaks. In severe cases, the teeth affected with flourosis usually become brown and pitted, or with grayish and black spots with misshapen enamels.

Flourosis Treatment

Most cases of flourosis are minor and would typically require no form of treatment. It usually occurs on the back of the teeth where it is not easily detected. Other alternative treatment include tooth whitening, tooth restorations through veneers, crowns and bonding. Removal of stains can now be readily cured through intensive white whitening.

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