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focal dystonia

focal dystonia Causes

Scientists believe that the main cause of focal dytonia is misfired neurons, which in turn, bring about the contractions.

focal dystonia Definition

Focal dystonia or the neurological condition that affects the muscle or muscles of the body, is thought to start in the thin tissue wrapped around the brain.

focal dystonia Diagnosis

There are ocassions when it is very hard to get a diagnosis of focal dystonia that is accurate because it is often thought to be some other nerve conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, nerve entrapments, and a lot others. An accurate diagnosis of focal dystonia is very crucial, and fortunately, there are many neurologists who are capable of identifying it.

focal dystonia Symptoms and Signs

The condition is manifested in a certain part of the body through contractions caused by "misfired" neurons. Writers, musicians, surgeons, and those who make much use of their fine motor skills are affected by this condition. However, typically, focal dystonia only occurs in certain activities or tasks.

focal dystonia Treatment

Injected botox, or botulinum toxin that is prepared commercially, has been found to treat focal dystonia. Botox injection is aimed at the junction of the neuromuscles to stop acetylcholine from being released. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, is responsible for the muscle contractions.

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