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Folate Deficiency

Folate Deficiency Causes

Folate deficiency is caused by poor dietary intake of folic acid. It can also be due to abusive exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Folate Deficiency Definition

Folate deficiency refers to the insufficient amount of folic acid in the body. The effects of folate deficiency are often subtle.

Folate Deficiency Diagnosis

Patients who are low in folic acid are diagnosed by physical examination or when symptoms occur.

Folate Deficiency Symptoms and Signs

People with folate deficiency often experience weight loss, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Other ailments such as weakness, headaches, palpitations, and behavioral disorders are also likely to take place. Pregnant women meanwhile can produce underweight or premature infants.

Folate Deficiency Treatment

Folate deficiency can be treated with proper diet and food supplements such sulfasalazine. Regular intake of vitamins can also help induce folic acid levels in the body.

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