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Folling Disease

Folling Disease Causes

PKU is an autosomal recessive disorder that affects the genetic code that controls the PAH enzyme. Because of this defect, the PAH enzyme is dramatically produced in abnormal levels causing problems with the brain's functioning.

Folling Disease Definition

Folling disease, also known as phenylketonuria (PKU), is a rare metabolic defect characterized by mental incapacities and eventual brain damage.

Folling Disease Diagnosis

The disease can be detected by PAH measurement taken from the blood serum in the affected patient's foot, as well as by genetic testing.

Folling Disease Symptoms and Signs

Persons with PKU are often observed with poor learning abilities such as low IQ. They also have speech difficulties, abnormal physical attributes, and characteristic body color. As PKU affects the brain system, patients eventually succumb to mental retardation.

Folling Disease Treatment

Treatment for the disease can be done by special diets that can help control the production of the PAH enzyme, as well as undergoing special education programs to aid the development of the patient's skills.

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